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[04 Jan 2009|02:07pm]

Bleach x[04]
Naruto x[12]
Chrono Crusade x[09]
Togainu no chi x[12]
Fullmetal alchemist x[11]
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Rules: in the post
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[Fic] Love Made Of Ink [05 Jul 2008|02:08pm]

title: Love Made Of Ink
characters: surprise!
pairing: ?/Sasu, mentioned SasuNaru
warning: crack, cheesy and bad writing, RPS
summary: The real reason Sasuke gets as much attention as he does.
disclaimer: not mine. I do not claim that this ever happened in reality.
author's note: You shouldn't take this too seriously. I mean it, it could damage your brain cells like it did mine while writing it.

He was beautiful.
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SAKURA SHIPS DRABBLE-A-THON [26 Jun 2008|11:52am]

Banner by rosweldrmr
The goal is to get at least one drabble for every Sakura ship.
And we do mean EVERY.

Come over to pinkcrack and join in the drabble-a-thon.
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[15 May 2008|02:34pm]

Title: How Deep is Your Ocean?
Author: Allinye (Aideko @
Rating: T (For adult language, adult situations, and minor violence)
Genre: Friendship/Suspense
Type: One-Shot
Pairing: Subtle Gaara/Matsuri
Disclaimer: Naruto © Masashi Kishimoro
Summary: Late one night, Matsuri and Shukaku have a little heart to heart chat in her apartment.
A/N: In case you're wondering: Matsuri is a sand shinobi who appeared in the last filler arc and in some parts of the first arc in Shippūden.

Title: Volatile Chemistry
Author: Allinye (Aideko @
Rating: M (For strong language, adult situations, some violence, and minor innuendo)
Genre: Drama/Romance
Type: One-Shot
Pairing: One-sided Shukaku/Matsuri (Behold the crack!), Implied GaaMatsu
Disclaimer: Naruto © Masashi Kishimoro
Summary: He couldn’t stand it. The young woman had turned him into a paranoid mess, not to mention a practical slave. He suspected she was getting her own revenge for their history together, what with him trying to kill her and all.
A/N: Ties into How Deep is Your Ocean?
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New communty [30 Apr 2008|06:14pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

madaxhashi A new communty for pairing/friendship of Uchiha Madara & Senju Hashirama (first hokage)

Please come and join! madaxhashi

The current layout will probably be changed soon. I need to make a header with some
official art.
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Manga Icons [07 Apr 2008|02:50pm]

[ mood | lonely ]

Trinity Blood x[17]
Angel Sanctuary x[19]
Naruto x[28]
Psyren x[05]
FullMetal Alchemist x[05]
Link: to the post
Rules: in the post
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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A Walk to Remember [24 Feb 2008|10:31am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Title: A Walk to Remember
Type: Oneshot
Genre: Crack, romance
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of it's characters mentioned; those belong to Masashi Kishimoto. The title "A Walk to Remember" belongs to Nicholas Sparks.
Summary: Naruto and Sakura are finally getting married, and Lee and Hinata are going to have to learn to deal.
Comments: Terrible, and drabble -_-() Considering deleting this...(this links leads to

A Walk to Remember

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No One Compares [17 Feb 2008|04:10am]

Title: No One Compares
Type: Oneshot
Genre: Crack
Disclaimer: Naruto copyrighted Masashi Kishimoto.
Summary: What's this? Uchiha Sasuke has a secret lover? I wonder who it could possibly be. Crack to the extreme. One-shot.
Comments: I need help, I know.

Click For CrackCollapse )
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Everything A Quiz Could Promise, And Then Some Ch. 1 [30 Jan 2008|11:12pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Title: Everything A Quiz Could Promise And Then Some, Ch 1
Author: omgitsmaile
Rating: T (PG-13) For Future Content and Language
Disclaimer: Naruto © Masashi Kishimoro
Summary: Sasuke is woken from his warm bed one morning to find an unconscious messenger bird collapsed at his window. With many curses directed towards Windex and the momentary issue of finding his boxers, Sasuke accompanies Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi to Suna, where it appears that Gaara has eloped with his dear brother, Kankuro. Oh dear.
A/N: This is for my dear friend, Line, who had the misfortune of taking a fandom quiz on DA. Her answers were so almost-plausible that it had to be written.

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[fic] Feral (Genma/Sakura) [MA (NC-17)] [30 Jan 2008|08:51pm]

Title: Feral
Author: Winter Ashby (rosweldrmr)
Disclaimer: Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto
Rating: MA (NC-17) Entry is labeled Explict Adult Content. You must be over 17 to view it.
Summary: He sucked and licked, nipped and touched until she was blue-lipped with need and then, he would command her. (Sakura & Genma)
Warnings: Mature Content, Sex, Underage, Dubious consent. References to prostitution and slight D/S.
Authors Notes: This is for zelha, who requested some naughty Genma/Sakura for her birthday. This was supposed to be a drabble, but I thought that this convoluted relationship deserved more attention that 100-500 words. I hope you like it dear. Sorry, it's a bit more depraved that I initially intended. And I'm woefully late, forgive me that too.
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[Fic] Discordia [07 Dec 2007|03:05pm]

Title: Discordia
Author: Winter Ashby (rosweldrmr)
Disclaimer: Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto
Rating: M (for language)
Summary: Kiba was flat on his back, a warm body on top of him, straddling him, a cold metal blade to his throat and silky black hair falling over his face. (Kiba & Hanabi) Unrequited Kiba & Hinata
Authors Notes: This is in response to the 10 themed challenge from crack_challenge at LJ. I know this is a little different from a themed fic (it is all one continuous story, not segments) but I choose to use the prompts as more of a guide to model my plot around rather than sections needed to be completed. So this chapter (there will only be 2) has half the themes. They are (in order): Downpour, Solitude, Chance Meeting, Sarcastic, and Cold Hands. The last 5 themes will be in the next chapter (which I will have done very soon.)

*This fic has quite a bit of unrequited Kiba/Hinata and Team 8 interaction. Even Akamaru makes a prominent appearance.
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contest *banners* [12 Nov 2007|07:32pm]

[ mood | [awake] ]

SasuNaruSasu fans, being hosted by the Sasuke x Naruto FC on NarutoForums is a banner contest~! <3
(Later, towards New Years, we will also be hosting a festival.)

Currently, we are accepting submissions (November 11th to November 25th), but first you must sign-up. If you are not a member of NF, you may reply to this post and I will add you to the contest myself. Please, however, read the rules and the how-to-vote sectors before getting to work. If you’ve read these, you will understand that by simply posting your banners here and saying: "Enter me.", you will most likely not be entered, or you will have votes deducted—as this interferes with the system we have set up.
Later, another post will be added here pertaining to the contest, made either by myself or the primary organizer, in which you may view and then vote anonymously. Some details have already been worked out, but it's still a bit underway. When the time comes, we'll have more information for you, promise~! :3

When you have completed your submissions, you may send them to me via email or MSN. (My address is my name here, plus @hotmail(dot)com.) Please, however, only send the LINKS to your submissions. Later, if I have her permission, I will link you to the primary organizer of this event and then you may send it all to her. Here. :D

If you do not have an MSN account, but have an FF.NET account, then you may PM me there (I am darkenedmoonlightflame) with your submissions or desire to join the contest.

Thank you and good luck, participants~! <3 

--dark, co-organizer

You all seem like a good group for grpahics things, hmm? XD
Crack, ftw. <333
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[26 Oct 2007|05:53pm]

Contents: Samurai Champloo x[12], Naruto x[14], Bleach x[25], Togainu no Chi x[10], Shaman King x[08], Inuyasha x[10], Fullmetal alchemist x[08]
Link: to the post
Rules: Inside the post
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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[30 Jul 2007|09:30pm]

hii everyone this maybe a bit random but it'll help me loads, i need as many naruto, shonen jump and Masashi Kishimoto (kishi) Fans to fill this questionnarie.
Why? you maybe thinking well.. this is for my course work for graphics im making a Naruto clock with kishi's art work and Shonen Jump's logo, i should of done this ages ago but i was lazy and couldn't be bothered -.-. so now i have to complete it in the summer hols T.T. I would be so happy if you could fill this out it wont take long. All you need to do is fill the questionarie and message or comment or e-mail me ( your anwsers ^^. Please and thank you.

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Icons [26 Jul 2007|08:55am]

There are all fanarts from DeviantArt (or a DeviantArtist's other site). I haven't altered these pictures, just cropped them. All the credit goes to the original artists. Link for each art work can be found by clicking on the number of the icon.

(8) Snape/Lily [Harry Potter]
(2) Harry/Luna [Harry Potter]
(1) Draco [Harry Potter]
(1) Albus Severus [Harry Potter]
(1) Danny Phantom
(1) Vegeta/Bulma [DBZ]
(4) Various/Sakura [Naruto]
(9) Sakura [Naruto]
(1) Neji [Naruto]
(1) Hyuuga Hanabi [Naruto]
(1) Sanosuke [Kenshin]
(1) Hisagi [Bleach]


Samples Samples Samples

The rest can be found here
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New community [18 Jul 2007|11:51am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello everyone!
I have sadly noticed just how little itachi_uke fandom there is out there... T_T
In case you are a fan of Itachi as uke (submissive) please come by and join this new community.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Itachi uke community
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Icons [01 Jun 2007|07:38pm]

Trinity Blood x[07]
Naruto x[10]
Shaman King x[05]
Star ocean x[05]
Hikitsu x[03]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Link to the icons
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Kiba/Hanabi Fic [22 May 2007|01:13pm]

Title: Fireworks and Lightning
Author: Winter Ashby rosweldrmr
Disclaimer: Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto
Rating: M
Summary: 'He wants to show Hinata that he doesn’t need her, that he doesn’t want her. So he steals away, following her little sister’s scent. Which is almost like Hinata’s, almost.' (Kiba & Hanabi)
Authors Notes: I don't know where this came from, okay? But just give it a chance. I know it's crack, but it's my new OTP so be kind. And if you think about it, it's not too far off... right, right --hyperventilates-- Okay, I'm better now. This was inspired by Tea's 'Simple Unspoken' It's based on the LJ community '20 Truths'. You can find it in my fav's. (I completely blame her and that fic for making me fall head over heels in love with this unlikely couple) Go read it! Now! (Oh, and I also discovered that KibaHana is NOT the proper nomenclature for this ship, since Kiba's sister's name is Hana. So It will have to be called something else, KibaHanabi I suppose.)
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naruto x rock lee community! [21 May 2007|03:59am]

Hope it's okay to pimp my new community for the pairing Rock Lee x Naruto

please visit and share at narulee!! :3
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25 icons [22 Feb 2007|11:36pm]

[16] x Naruto icons
[09] x Bleach icons

Discalimer: I own nothing...

No direct linking!
Credit & Comment! puh-lease

1 2 3

25 icons this way, take a look
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