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contest *banners*

SasuNaruSasu fans, being hosted by the Sasuke x Naruto FC on NarutoForums is a banner contest~! <3
(Later, towards New Years, we will also be hosting a festival.)

Currently, we are accepting submissions (November 11th to November 25th), but first you must sign-up. If you are not a member of NF, you may reply to this post and I will add you to the contest myself. Please, however, read the rules and the how-to-vote sectors before getting to work. If you’ve read these, you will understand that by simply posting your banners here and saying: "Enter me.", you will most likely not be entered, or you will have votes deducted—as this interferes with the system we have set up.
Later, another post will be added here pertaining to the contest, made either by myself or the primary organizer, in which you may view and then vote anonymously. Some details have already been worked out, but it's still a bit underway. When the time comes, we'll have more information for you, promise~! :3

When you have completed your submissions, you may send them to me via email or MSN. (My address is my name here, plus @hotmail(dot)com.) Please, however, only send the LINKS to your submissions. Later, if I have her permission, I will link you to the primary organizer of this event and then you may send it all to her. Here. :D

If you do not have an MSN account, but have an FF.NET account, then you may PM me there (I am darkenedmoonlightflame) with your submissions or desire to join the contest.

Thank you and good luck, participants~! <3 

--dark, co-organizer

You all seem like a good group for grpahics things, hmm? XD
Crack, ftw. <333
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